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It is so emotional. I liked it. It's good and the soundtrack is awesome. 


Thank you for playing our game ^^


Liked the art very much and the characters but there are a ton of grammatical errors. Other than that, are there other endings other than the 'left and right' choices?


Short but very well made

omg the part with pouring the water in the jar frustrated me so much lol, i had to go back to my save point like four times to get my wire and long spoon back when it didn't even matter in the end because [SPOILER] 

i totally died in the end??? at least that's what i got from the ending i got... i kept telling the good sis to read the note i left in her diary but maybe i should have taken it, oh well lol. i am obviously too invested in my dude's wellbeing!!

anyway it was an interesting game, if a little confusing!

A beautiful game indeed. very touching.  Loved it!

Featured in my mini review series (timetamped)

Hello! I finally got to record your game, as we've already chatted about, last time i tried it didn't work with any of my recording programs, but I've gotten myself a couple of new ones and now it worked fine! Thanks for sending me the game due to the download from this page didn't work! :D

Here is the link to the video! Hope you like it!

- VenomCrow

Somehow i like the portrait =w=b; anyway good job for complete the game!

lol , thank you! :3

heyo! played your game and recorded, found it quite interesting even if i did not get to finish it, there is some grammatical mistakes and i was quite harsh on it, but it was more or less for comedy reasons so don't mind it, i like the style a lot, my only problem was getting stuck in the end lol

Hi! I like your video. It's funny and sadly true. After the contest, we'll update the game to make it better. Sorry for the bad English. And as the last rope,


you can find it in the hut/forest house on  the right side of the bookcase.

Hope you still wanna try our game and next game.

will try that out later then :) i honestly tried mostly everything lol i wanted to finish the game too since it was interesting

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course.

PD: Great job with this game, I love it <3

Hello Mel. Thank you for your interest in our game. You can translate this game if you want, and we will include it in the next update.

But, for now, we must wait for the contest to be over first.

Okey.  I'll wait

Hello! Game looks wonderful based on the video and the pictures! I'm a small YouTuber and wanted to do a video on your game, but AVG refused to run the game, it detected it as virus so thats something you would want to look into :) Plus, a tip, Winrar, is a very very handy tool in projects like this, so i advise you to use that! Thanks! :D

Hi! thank you! 

We'll consider about that for the next update. If it's okay, we can send it to you directly

Cool! :D Yeah, if you could do that that would be awesome :)

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I sent the file through your facebook page, please check it :)

Yeah! I just saw it! Sorry been all occupied with Destiny 2 so it just passed my mind, but i just saw it and replied! Thanks! :D

I can't get through "regret is better than suffer" :(


Think more ;) all hints are available there